SOL Prep

Here you will find released tests and item sets for every high school SOL test.  These resources should be used as a diagnostic tool (i.e., they are most useful when used to determine areas of strength and areas of weakness within a given subject, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of further study and preparation).  See your school counselor if you have any questions.


EOC Reading (Spring 2015)

EOC Writing (Spring 2015)



Algebra I (Spring 2014)

Algebra I (Spring 2015)

Geometry (Spring 2014)

Geometry (Spring 2015)

Algebra II (Spring 2014)

Algebra II (Spring 2015)



Earth Science (Spring 2015)

Biology (Spring 2015)

Chemistry (Spring 2015)


Social Studies

World History I (Item Set)

World History I (Spring 2012)

World History II (Item Set)

World History II (Spring 2012)

VA and US History (Item Set)

VA and US History (Spring 2012)