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Seniors – new scholarships are still being added to the School Counseling Newsletter.  Click the Newsletters tab above to get your copy and apply, apply, apply.

From Mrs. Melicer Jones:

Mr. Black, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Schuyler, Mr. Powell and myself took 20 students (7 Seniors and 13 Juniors) to the HBCU Festival held at TC Williams High School in Alexandria, VA on February 18, 2017. These students were so excited and nervous about this trip. 
The seniors anxiously gathered all of their documents and were prepared to meet with college for on-site admissions. I am proud to say that 5 of the 7 seniors were accepted on the spot. One other senior was already accepted to the schools of her choice, but wanted to attend to get information on scholarships. The last senior interviewed with his college of choice and will receive an answer once he sends his SAT scores. 
The Juniors were nervous as well and shared that it was a great and memorable experience. They attended seminars and was able to take away important nuggets to help with preparing for college and for the visit to this festival next year. 
Attached is a picture from the event. Just wanted to share our experience.

School Counseling Newsletter

Yet another updated edition of the CHS School Counseling Newsletter is available by clicking the “Newsletters” tab above.  Seniors, see to it that you inspect its contents for any interesting leads on scholarships, and juniors, since you’ve been talking with your counselor recently about graduation and college, why not check out the SAT/ACT info?  This and much more in March’s newsletter.

Granville P. Meade Scholarship


See the Scholarship Info tab for a new entry: the Granville P. Meade Scholarship.  Likely to be awarded in the amount of roughly $2,000 per year over four years, this scholarship is intended for students who have demonstrated “academic achievement, (participation in) extracurricular activities, and good character as determined by letters of recommendation and financial need.”  See your school counselor with any questions.

Happy School Counselor Week

The CHS School Counseling Department would like to extend a “Happy School Counselor Week” to all of our students and families.  It is an honor to serve Caroline County and we each feel fortunate to be a part of you or your child’s education.

Scholarships have been updated

Seniors, check out the Scholarship Applications link under Scholarship Information above to find an updated list of downloadable scholarship applications.  Check out February’s School Counseling Newsletter for more information and to see which ones might be a good fit for you.  As always, see your school counselor if you have any questions.  Do not wait – apply, apply, apply!

School Counseling Newsletter

The new newsletter is out – Seniors, this is the one to pay attention to.  It has a thoroughly updated list of scholarships, and you can actually find applications to many of them right here on our blog (Scholarship Information).  See your school counselor if you have any questions and apply, apply, apply.  You cannot win if you do not apply.

Youth Conservation Camp

Any students with an interest in ecology, forestry, or marine or environmental science should consider applying to this summer’s Youth Conservation Camp on the campus of Virginia Tech.  See attached documents for information and to apply.  See your school counselor if you have any questions.

Camp Information


Fary Memorial Scholarship

Attention Seniors:

Please click the link below for information on the Fary Memorial Scholarship.  This is an excellent scholarship opportunity for those seeking a postsecondary education, with an award amount of $6,000.  See your school counselor if you have any questions!

Fary Memorial Scholarship

School Counseling Newsletter

As promised!  Click the link below for a copy of the November/December School Counseling Newsletter.  Seniors, make sure you read up on our tips for writing a solid college admissions essay and take a look at our list of local scholarships.  Juniors, have a look and start planning your Spring SAT or ACT dates.  See your school counselor if you have any additional questions.

School Counseling Newsletter