Seniors: Mary Baldwin virtual onsite admissions

Mary Baldwin University will be joining us for a virtual onsite admissions opportunity next week on Tuesday 2/16! This will be a chance for you to meet with your admissions counselor one-on-one and receive an admissions decision in the moment along with your merit scholarship offer! Students who have not yet applied to Mary Baldwin can still sign up for a meeting time to just ask questions about the university, if interested.
To be considered for admission to Mary Baldwin University you need to:

  1. Fill out this form to sign up for a time to meet with MBU counselor 
  2. Submit your MBU application ASAP (before 2/16)
  3. Email your counselor to submit transcripts to MBU ASAP (before 2/16)

Then, on 2/16 you can enjoy a conversation with your MBU counselor and receive your admissions decision right away!
***Important: If you are interested, email your counselor to get your transcripts sent ASAP and submit your MBU application ASAP. You can not be considered for admission if the admissions counselor does not have your application and transcripts ahead of time. If you need help or have any questions, please email!